NZ Whey Protein - $39 per kg, 2kg for $69 and 3kg for $99

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Proud sponsor of Cook Islands National Rugby Team

Kiwi Nutrition is providing the power

Kiwi Nutrition is the nutrition provider for the Cook Islands National Rugby team


"Having Kiwi Nutrition made a difference as a lot of our players are not used to training twice a day. It worked well in tough conditions." 

Sam Anderson Heather, Cook Islands National captain and Canterbury Crusader

Great product! Pure uncut grass fed New Zealand whey protein goodness. Everything you want from the big tubs of whey that you can get from the store, without any of the cheap junk that they mix in, all at a quarter of the price. Flavour it with whatever you like (Cadbury drinking chocolate anyone?) or add to anything else you make with minimal change in flavour. Easy fast delivery too! 👌👍🙌

Ryan H

This stuff is awesome - mixes well and has none of the anonymous stuff the big market stuff has. Real easy to make into any flavour you want by adding your favourite ingredients!

Kyriakos M

This is a high quality product! Just whey protein powder with none of the other rubbish. Mixes really well with milk. With 10% of their profit going towards the cancer society you can tell the business has the best interests for health and well-being.

Cameron B

Our Values

Our social and environmental values play a big part of what we do here at Kiwi Nutrition. We minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible and donate 10% of our profit to NZ charities. We are currently donating to the NZ Cancer Society.

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