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Our Story

Kiwi Nutrition was founded by Dr Neil Van Geest. The idea to start a nutrition company came about when he experienced challenges finding clean, natural and affordable protein powder to help his mother with her nutrition when she was diagnosed with cancer. 

Doctors told us that we needed to keep nutrition up to avoid weight loss. One way of achieving this was through making her tasty and nutritious smoothies, loaded with all the goodies that nature provides us in NZ. 

Whey powder is a great source of protein but it was so expensive in all the shops and it was always mixed with other ingredients that gave a horrible taint to the delicious natural smoothies we wanted to make. So Neil decided to bypass the shops and get pure, natural NZ whey powder straight from the source, which went down a treat in the smoothies we made.

Good nutrition is so important to our families' health. That's why Neil has set up an organisation to provide nutritional products to New Zealanders looking to boost their dietary intake for their training or health needs. We have put together a bunch of recipes to give people ideas on how to increase their protein intake and were very excited to be ranked in the Top 30 New Zealand Nutrition Blogs recently.

Our philosophy

We believe in simple products, minimal packaging and fair pricing.  

We are also very thankful for the kindness and support that the fantastic team at NZ Cancer Society gave to our family, so donate 10% of our profit to the NZ Cancer Society to help them continue with their good work.