NZ Whey Protein sample pack

NZ Whey Protein - 3 Sample Pack

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NZ Whey Protein, naturally flavoured

Afraid of commitment? Why not try one of our sample packs? It contains a 30g sample of each of our chocolate, vanilla and unflavoured whey protein so you can decide which you like best before committing to a whole kilogram.

Kiwi Nutrition whey protein is 100% pure NZ whey protein. It is naturally flavoured and has no artificial flavours, added sugar or preservatives.

Benefits of Kiwi Nutrition Whey Protein

  • Free shipping NZ wide
  • The extremely high protein content with low saturated fat and low carbohydrate content enables you to easily meet your daily protein target while minimising carbohydrate and fat intake.
  • Our whey protein is perfectly natural with no added sugars, artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers.
  • We use premium quality, undenatured whey protein produced from NZ milk using low temperature ultrafiltration
  • It mixes easily by spoon, shaker or blender
  • Kiwi Nutrition whey protein is free from hormones like recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone that can be present in imported whey
  • We use environmentally friendly resealable bags

Kiwi Nutrition was founded by Dr Neil Van Geest, a medical doctor in the Wellington region. 10% of our profit is donated to the NZ Cancer Society - to find out more, read our story.

Directions for use:

Fill your shaker with 200ml of water or milk and add 30g (2 heaped dessert spoons) of Kiwi Nutrition whey protein then stir or shake well. If you have a blender or nutrabullet, you can also add fresh or frozen fruit, nuts or seeds.